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René C.W. Boender: Brainagent, Author & Keynotespeaker!

The world is his playground (Valencia, Dubai, Monaco, NY, LA, Perth, Milan, Davos). René Boender is as brain-agent involved in precious and exiting projects around the globe. He is the author of the bestseller Great to Cool. René believes that everything's stands with the (honest)power of communication. He is a fountain of energy and inspiration and knows how to strike the social media cord as Twitter and Facebook. His brain candies, founder of the ISP (Inspirational Selling Point), the 3"12" Eternity rule and more, are real eye openers and for many the starting point to change. He inspires captains of industry in one to one sessions but is also keynote speaker at seminars and guest lecturer at universities. He knows how to reach out and touch the 'marketears' around the globe. His storytelling capabilities are energetic, enthusiastic and most of all: creative. René Boender is active as 'keynote speaker', "workshop-booster" and brain-agent for "marketing audits"!
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Stanley K. Reid Miami Summit; It's easy to get impatient on your quest to be the best. After reading Great to Cool and visiting René's keynote, I felt pumped up and ready for action! And then you wake up the next morning and things are pretty much the same! Until you feel the sweet brain candy is doing its work again (and again). When you're impatient and want to shake things up, you simply read it again and you start to change your business life! Thank you René, Great to Cool is an attitude!

Mike Ferrier, NGEF Monaco Managing Director/IUM Professor; René Boender came to Monaco like Julius Caesar. Veni, Vidi, Vici. He came. He talked. He conquered. And all reactions were electric. Even Prince Albert's!

Peter Hinssen, author The New Normal; René Boender's Great to Cool is Colourful. Delightful. Inspirational. Not only a ripping great read, but a constant source of insight and creativity! Enjoyed every story! An unconventional book from a wonderfully unconventional man!

Patricia Reid / Leadership Development program USA: Dear René, wow, Sometimes opportunities come gift wrapped. In the case of Great to Cool and your keynote, that was the case. You are so bulls eye, spot on. We needed inspiration, intellectual stimulation and most off all fresh perspective to see everything in a new context. Thanks you for your great attribution at this summit. I call it Appleism, my dear brain agent of coolness!

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