What they say about...

Ted Turner: Many adjectives have been used to describe him. Some people call him a "Brand booster". Others call him a "Brain agent", or a "Creator". But even more significantly, all of them call him "Visionary" René Boender's professional domain is the world.

He has spread his magic seeds of wisdom and humor from Orlando to Perth, New York to Cape Town, Lisbon to Milan, Davos to Washington DC and Dubai to Willemstad. His work as Trendteller has been just as diverse as his travel - involved in brands ranging from Sara-Lee to Philips, Apple to Albron, Luminex to Disney, Coca-Cola to ING and projects ranging from Dreamworks (film & TV) to Amusementparks. And the exciting thing is - the word is getting out!.

René is very much in demand as a participant on (inter)national symposia and is a guest lecturer at universities! He is also one of the keynote 'Drivers' and 'Participants' of the prestigious "Ootlook". René Boender isn't a fountain of ideas, he's a veritable gusher. A guru who knows what it takes.

He inspires many global captains of industry in one-on-one sessions and knows how strike just the right chord with (BtB)consumers. He keeps track of virtually everything, and believes everything stands or falls through the power of communication.

As you share time with him, you will find that he not only explains what "Was", but even more importantly - what will B-B-B-B...(You'll learn the inside joke to that...).

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